The 1st end to end high technology
Compliance Screening product in Indonesia

RegTech.ID, part of Nawa Data Solutions Group, is a digital and innovative technology solution and insight
provider aim to assist Financial Service Industry to boost business growth in a dynamic regulatory landscape.

The 1st AI Compliance Virtual Assistant in Indonesia, our AI Compliance Bot is designed to assist users in navigating and understanding various compliance-related matters within a specific industry or regulatory framework.
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Get More Value of

Get More Value of

24/7 Availability is available round the clock, allowing employees and customers to access compliance information and support whenever they need it, improving responsiveness.

Cost Efficiency

Using can reduce the need for additional staff to handle routine compliance inquiries, leading to cost saving.

Rapid Information Retrieval can quickly retrieve and provide up-to-date compliance information, helping users make informed decisions promptly.

Risk Identification and Mitigation can identify and flag potential compliance issues or anomalies for further review by human experts as well as guide users through compliance processes, reducing the likelihood of non-compliance and associated risks.

Improved User Experience

Users can interact with through natural language, making compliance information more accesible and user friendly.

Quick Resolution

Routine compliance inquiries can be resolved promptly, improving overall efficiency and reducing wait times.

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Deliver , &
compliance to boost business

Reduce regulatory risks, lower overall compliance costs, protect reputation, optimize business return & value, trusted by industry.

Automate end to end compliance processes to serve business in fulfilling regulatory expectations.

Electronic Know Your Customer processes using an AI based Face Recognition for a faster & a high-quality onboarding outcome.

Accelerate your business using our services

RegTech.ID is an innovative solution designed to assist businesses in managing and ensuring compliance with regulatory requirements.


Manage daily compliance activities

Accelerate compliance unit end-to-end tasks using Robotic Process Automation. Centralized platform for maintaining and recordkeeping of controls, policies & procedures, regulatory licenses.


Real time monitoring on regulation updates

Save time on scanning and research on new rules and regulation changes. Regulatory documents centralized in one platform. Keep on top of regulatory changes.


Accurate & faster customer verification process

Fast-track customer onboarding, detect low quality image, and identify spoof attacks with our face recognition system.

Our Trusted Partners

Our collaboration with InnovateTech ensures cutting-edge solutions that propel your business forward.

Find the right solution for you

We've developed a powerful technology solution that simplifies the entire process, enabling you to stay ahead of the curve and focus on what truly matters growing your business.


e-KYC with Face Recognition

Electronic Know Your Customer processes using an AI based Face Recognition for a faster & a high-quality onboarding outcome.

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End to End Compliance Management

Automate end to end compliance processes to serve business in satisfying regulatory expectations.

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Regulatory Advisory Services

Consulting services assist financial service entities in navigating complex regulatory frameworks and ensuring compliance with relevant Indonesia laws and regulations.

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Facial Recognition e-KYE

Onboard employee securely and efficiently using AI based face recognition.

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RegTech.ID is now official part of Asosiasi FinTech Indonesia.

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